5 Tips for Luscious Lashes

There is nothing worse than messy, smudged lashes right ladies?😏

Whether you are dressed to the nines or just hanging in your sweats you want beautiful lashes that last all day and leave you feeling confident.💃

Check out these Top 5 Tips for For Luscious Lashes and go from messy to larger and brighter all day. 💜

Tip #1: In order to stop mascara from smudging, prepping the skin prior to application is extremely important.

Tip #2: Avoid applying any oily eye creams around the eye area, as the oil and moisture in these can make your mascara wet and cause it to smudge and try to find lighter creams that are more water-based.

Tip #3: Comb through lashes prior to putting on mascara to make sure they are separated.

Tip #4: Before applying mascara, use a primer. Primer is oil absorbing and will therefore keep oils away from�your eye area and your eyelashes, stopping mascara from smearing and smudging.

Tip #5: Use a one-step mascara with a double-sided brush designed to lengthen and volumize. IST recommends Younique Moodstruck Epic 4D Mascara because it will turn the tiniest lashes into something extraordinary!

Shown Below is the Trio Lash Set (with serum, primer and 4D Mascara)

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